“           A Triangle love story of Two men from two worlds, in love with a mysterious lady, Diana; A top undercover CIA agent, on a mission to solve ‘the Federal reserve diamond theft’ and with a consuming heart of vengeance to expose her prime suspect; the multi billionaire Ray Edwards, a rather extravagant, shady, fine as the devil 70’s ‘Bruce Wayne’ with a reputation for an unprecedented lavish lifestyle and who she believes is responsible for the death of her only brother. Deep within enemy circles, Diana discovers shocking truths about Ray, Ray’s organization is caught up in a quite complicated web of crimes, he seems to have knowledge of none, but she needs to get her facts.

            Ray falls in love with her, she finds him annoyingly irresistible.

An Old flame however, quite not extinguished, a lover from her college days, suddenly shows up in town and its none other than the African Prince- Charles Nubia, he has been gone so long, she has had bouts of sleepless night, not having a clue what sort of magic made him disappear off traceable grid just after graduation, but now, he s back, but not for her….

…he s seated there, in Ray’s library, in what seemingly looks like a one sided conversation with Mr Edwards, as she sees from the distance she coverts from. What unsettles Diana is not Charles been present with two other men and seated on Ray’s seat…rather too comfortably,

 It is the fact that she s Diana to Ray but Bridgette to Charles!”

 A collection inspired by the life and times of both the American and African seventies era, dosed with a certain modern vibe.

A sartorial collection of Menswear with our first introduction of Womenswear. Colour palette ranges from greys in differing shades, bottle green, black, to ivory, gold and hints of blue.

The pieces are characterized by zippers, embellishments, and the styles vary from tailored shorts, Shackets, One-of-a kind dinner jackets, cargo pants, broad-band trousers, Shirts and sequined tops.