At Deji Eniola, our primary focus is to deliver sartorial forms that do not only fit superbly, but do become a part of your personality, an hallmark you get to be known for.

Knowing the demands placed on your time, measurements and fitting processes are done at a client’s choice of home or office by a DE consultant.
An elite team of young skilled tailors and old experienced artisans alongside the consultant then review the measurements from the consultation process, taking into account any special request you might have made to birth your custom made suit, which we assure you is always a luxurious work of art.

On delivery of your suit and approval, your measurements and any special requests you might have made are saved, so you have the ability to make your next order via phone, website or mail without scheduling for another consultation.

You can have the ‘DE Made To Measure’ experience in either of these categories:


This is our high street range of suits. It is the most affordable. It’s for the executive who likes his style subtle; better described as loud but only so as a whisper. The fabric grade is the super 100’s Irish Wool.


Our first  high-end suits category. It stays true to the brand’s design aesthetic of “understated elegance.” It’s for the gentleman that likes to sport an arrogant well fitting suit with something extra to set him apart. Fabric grade is the Super 120’s and also the Super 140’s Worsted Wool.


This is presently our highest range of luxury suits. It is created for the gentleman that believes in the saying “Fashion is what everyone else does, style is what I do.” DE Supremo is an exclusive range with more custom features. Fabric grade are the Super 150’s and the Super 180’s Cashmere Wool.